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Updated to version16.1!

Find Location By Phone Number Waloc APK is a flexible and easy way to find and track the location of a device through WhatsApp. It gives users options and makes things easier in all scenarios.

About to Waloc APK:

WhatsApp’s unique feature lets it instantly respond to your device’s most recent GPS location, making Location By Phone Number (Waloc) APK a useful location app. This app is unique because it can be used for a lot of different things, like finding family, watching personal phones, or even finding cars.

More About the Most Recent Version of Waloc:

Everyone in the family can get the Waloc premium APK and set their own message. When it gets that message, he will instantly send a reply through WhatsApp with his current location. In case you lose your phone, it can help you find it by sending the device’s present location from a certain message in WhatsApp.

You can use it to find your car if it has an Android system built in. When you need it, just send Waloc a message, and it will send you the most current location through WhatsApp. Waloc APK not only tells you where the device is, but it can also tell you about its battery life and network signal strength if you choose to.

All features in the Waloc APK App:

  • Family Locator: Everyone in the family can get the Waloc APK and find their message. When that person sends that message, it will instantly reply through WhatsApp with where they are right now.
  • Personal Phone Locator: If you lose your phone, all you have to do is type in a message, and it will send you the current location of your phone through WhatsApp from that message.
  • Car Locator: You can put it on a car that has an Android system built in if it has one. When you need to, just find a message and Waloc APK will send a reply with your most recent location through WhatsApp.
  • Details: Waloc APK can not only find the device but also give you details like the battery level and/or the quality of the network signal (which can be changed).
  • Battery Saver: it is designed to be friendly to batteries and not use too much power, which helps keep battery life at its best.

Guidance on utilizing Waloc for Android:

Step 1: Get Waloc and install it:

Get the app on your phone by finding it and downloading it. After that, run it the way it says to.

Setting up the app is the second step.

Step2:When you open the program, you need to do the necessary configuration. This includes choosing which messages it should immediately answer.

Step 3: Pick a Mode of Use: Pick the mode of use that fits your needs, such as family locator, personal phone finder, or car location.

Step 4: Find Out Where You Are: When you need to, all you have to do is send the configured message, and Waloc will instantly respond with your current location.

Step 5: Look over any extra information:

If set up, keep an eye on specific details like the battery level and the quality of the network connection.

Tips and guidance for utilizing Waloc on iOS:

Privacy Control: Read the app’s privacy rights and understand them before you use it. Think about what information will be shared and whether you are okay with that amount of sharing.

Set up the options Carefully: When setting up the app, be very careful which texts you choose so that you don’t get unwanted replies. This is important to keep the flexibility of the program.

Use the Battery Saver Feature: If your device has one, make sure you use the battery saver feature to make sure that location tracking doesn’t drain the battery too quickly.

Every so often, check for updates. To make sure you get all the new features and security changes, always keep your app up to date.

Pros and cons of the Waloc APK:


it is very flexible and can be used for a lot of different things, such as finding your family, your phone, or your car.

Battery-Friendly: Made to save battery life so users can feel safe using it without worrying that it will drain the battery too quickly.

Details: Not only tells you where you are, but it also tells you things like the battery level and the quality of the network connection (if configured).


Must Have a Deep Understanding: In order to use the app effectively, users must know how to set it up and use all of its features.

Privacy Management: To keep information from being shared without permission, privacy management may need extra care.

Dependence on WhatsApp: Because it sends data through WhatsApp, people who don’t use WhatsApp or follow its privacy rules may not be able to use it as much.


The Waloc APK app is flexible and helpful, and it helps users find and track the location of devices through WhatsApp in many ways. This app has many useful features that make it easy for users to do things like easily find family, personal phones, and cars.

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