Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Users’ privacy on our website is something we take very seriously. You will discover how we get your information, either directly or indirectly, and how we utilize it to communicate effectively with you and other users in this overview post.

How Are We Using Log Files Information?

We use the data from log files to track the expansion of our website, the interest of our viewers, and the improvement of other users’ experiences.

Second in importance are web beacons and cookies. Cookies are little text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device to improve your browsing experience when you return to our website. If you would prefer not to have cookies stored in your browser, you may disable them.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Advertisers may receive cookies from Google as a third party. Google Adsense will use these cookies to display advertisements on our website. DART cookies are not controlled by our website. You can use the option in each browser to disable cookies if you’d like. Third-party advertisements’ privacy policies might be contacted. Click this link to view Google’s information about cookies. These kinds of cookies are used to show you relevant advertisements or to customize the ads you typically see.

Data Obtained Through Cookies and Web Beacons

  • Preferences of Users
  • Recognize your browser.
  • Compile information specific to the user from the pages they visit.
  • Show or customize relevant ads.

What Information Do We Use from Cookies and Web Beacons?

To personalize web page content according to a visitor’s browser type or other information they submit through their browser, we use cookies and web beacons.

Information We Get By From Analytics

  • Evaluation of the Pages You View.
  • The Visitor Count in Real Time.
  • Device details, network information, and your demographical location.
  • Click-through rates (CTR), redirected page, and search terms.
  • Additional Related Information; Personal Identifying Information Is Not Included.

How Are We Using Analytics Information?

We track user preferences, page navigation, demographic location, and other related activities with the use of analytics.

  1. Third-Party Sites Policy 

Third-party Sites that are external links in websites, applications, and software are equally significant. They have nothing to do with our privacy statement. Their policies are dissimilar. In the event that they do any harm, we are not liable. such as malware, viruses, and malware. You can review their privacy policy independently if you’d like. Additionally, advertisement networks are involved.

  1. Information Protection

We utilize the information purely for educational purposes; we don’t divulge it to any other group. As you enter, transfer, or access your personal information, we employ a number of security steps to guarantee that it is protected.

  1. Terms and Conditions

To view the terms and conditions of, go to our Disclaimer page. You agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by using our “APK SPY” platform.

To sum up, the privacy policy is solely applicable to the online form. When using our website offline, it is not applicable. We reserve the right to modify our privacy statement at any moment, and we’ll update this page accordingly. For any information or queries, please email us at